From Musty to Sweet Smell: What’s Causing that Unusual Odor In Your Car?

Air conditioner of a car

If your car is releasing a sickening or unusual smell instead of your favorite new car smell, then use your nose to determine the root of the odor. Awful smells can potentially cause costly health hazards and repairs, which is why you need to have that Audi repaired in Layton.

Here are some of the unusual odors to watch out for.

Musty Odor

Every time you turn on your air conditioner system, you notice that it produces a musty smell. The reason behind this might probably be due to mildew and mold forming inside. You see, moisture gathers naturally in your cold air-conditioning evaporator, and it could be concealing mold.

To dry the evaporator, you can run the fan at high speed with your air conditioning turned off. Although, this does not assure that this issue will not happen again. This is particularly true if something is clogging your drain tube that permits water to drip out beneath your vehicle.

On the other hand, wet carpet that might come from water leaking inside can be another cause.

Sweet Aroma

Antifreeze generates a syrupy and sweet aroma. If you smell it inside your vehicle, it commonly means that your cooling system is leaking and it will not be easy to detect where exactly. For instance, the leak may be coming from a corroded heat exchanger or a heater core that is generally behind your dashboard.

This leak will come in a steam form that goes inside the cabin, creating the smell and possibly fogging your windows. Make sure that you have the professionals fix this, as it is not healthy to breathe in antifreeze.

Rotten Eggs Smell

Smelling sulfur or rotten eggs inside your car can be a sign that something is wrong with your catalytic converter

. The reason behind this may be an issue with your emissions system or engine that lead to an overheating converter.

Do not ignore that dire smell in your car as it might result in something worse for your vehicle and your health. After finding out the source of the smell, it only takes a trip to your local mechanic to have them fix what is wrong.