Repair or Replacement: A Motor Vehicle Guide for Beginners

A man handing keys to his car

Although your vehicle may have computers and other devices that can help you to detect problems, it is your responsibility as the driver to ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers and other motorists. This is possible through keeping your vehicle in good condition.

However, what are the telltale signs you should have your vehicle checked? Here are hints that mean it is time to seek automotive repair services in Tauranga.

Odd vibrations

If you ever feel your car vibrating or shaking from a single location, a visit to the mechanic is crucial. Among the most common vibrations include that of the gas pedal, which could indicate an exhaust leak or the steering vibrations. In short, you need to fix your wheels.

Dashboard indicator lights

Dashboard lights are an essential part of your vehicle that helps to bring to light any operational problems in its initial stage. These lights provide you with a quick and precise car operational diagnosis starting from the engine temperatures to the oil pressure.

Anytime you learn that there is anything odd with your dashboard light, a trip to your mechanic is essential.

Strange noises

Typically, noises are the most common signs of troubles in your car. Among the operational sounds that you are likely to experience include squealing or howling noise anytime you step on the brakes of your vehicle. Such noises are indications of worn-out brake pads or transmission shift problems.

Furthermore, these noises may also indicate that your car is running out of transmission fluid.


Anytime you suspect that your car is having operation problems, it is beneficial to seek professional automotive repair services. Apart from ensuring that you will not get stuck on the road, these services also help to take care of the other parts of the vehicle against premature damage.