The Parent’s Guide to Guiding Teens to Drive

Father teaching daughter how to drive

A teenager who learns how to drive is a big life milestone for both the individual and his/her parents. It’s a rite of passage for your kids toward independence.

Parents who will be teaching their child on how to drive must do so properly. Keep these tips in mind if you’re going to teach your teen:

Make Sure You Can Teach Your Child

It is important that you have the necessary skills to teach your teen. You would need to be a bearer of a full NZ licence for at least two years. On top of that, you must be able to explain concepts patiently, keep calm under stress and provide clear directions.

Inform Your Teen of the Road Rules

Compliance with road rules and regulations is a must. Even before you hand the keys to the new car, check if your child has reviewed New Zealand’s traffic law and safe driving practices.

Introduce Your Car to Your Child

Once your teen is familiar with the rules of the road, give them the keys to the car. If you want to give your teen a new car, shop for great cars for sale in Auckland. Once you have purchased the car, allow your child to be familiar with the new vehicle. The idea is to make them comfortable in the car that they will be driving.

Find a Good Practice Spot

If you’re ready to teach your teen the basics of driving, find a good place to practice. This could be at an empty parking lot or a spacious area with not much people or cars.

Making sure that you can teach your child to drive, informing your teen of the country’s road rules, introducing your car to your child and finding a good practice spot are some of the suggestions you can use to teach your teen on how to properly drive. When you’re providing feedback about your child’s driving, do so in a calm and constructive manner.