Best Organic SEO Practices for Startups

Every business today knows the power of SEO. Many companies have come up with techniques to harness it. However, not every technique will be efficient for a startup, and some might even attract penalties from search engines. The best option for small companies is organic SEO.

Organic SEO services such as CreativoMedia encompass all natural and unpaid processes designed to boost your site’s visibility. There are several organic techniques for SEO, but only a handful will prove useful for your startup. The following are the techniques guaranteed to be helpful for your website:


This marks one of the best organic SEO practices. Blogging gives you an exceptional platform to discuss specific topics beneficial to your company’s bottom line. Each post offers the opportunity to boost your digital traffic and build an active community online through the clients’ subscriptions.

Social Media

The number of social media platforms grows daily. The best ones for organic SEO include Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon. Sharing the blog posts you make on your website across these platforms increases your site’s traffic and strengthens your position on multiple search engines.

Visual Content

Quality visual content currently beats text in online marketing. This is because of the impact of visual content on a clients’ buying decision. To harness the power of visual content, you should ensure that it is well indexed. Doing so will reduce the risk of slowing down your site’s loading speed.

Cash crunches are one of the issues that you will contend with as a startup. It might seem unwise to spend some of your capital hiring an SEO expert. However, the given techniques will help you earn much profit from your website.