DIY Roofing: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

a roof of a house

Regularly inspecting your roof is the right thing to do, but once you do find problems, you will have to make a decision. Should you volunteer to do the job on your own? Or should you just call professionals for help? There are several reasons why residents opt for DIY, and it can range from having money problems to just wanting to prove themselves. Nevertheless, fixing or installing your roof without the help of roofing companies in Lancaster, PA will have its benefits and drawbacks.


  1. As long as you have the knowledge and skills to do the job, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  2. You have the freedom to choose when to work and to avoid any schedule conflicts with family activities.


  1. Expect this responsibility to take a while to finish, so you would have to sacrifice other parts of your life if you want to work on it full time.
  2. Buying your tools can be costly, and it can lead to an even deeper hole in your wallet. This can be impractical if you don’t already have the tools with you for you would save more by hiring a contractor. Think about it; you won’t be using those tools for a while after unless the roof needs a repair again.


  1. Repairing or installing the roof is a dangerous responsibility for it involves climbing up and down the ladder while carrying heavy tools. This is also a bad idea if you have a fear of heights because you have to be steady on your feet and comfortable. Worse comes to worst; you don’t want to end up with severe injuries or even death.

In the end, you’re the only one who can decide whether you should go for it or not. Just make sure that you consider the pros and cons listed here to be prepared for possible consequences to your actions.