How to Ace Shipping for Your E-commerce Store

Delivery man delivering boxes

Yes, shipping could be a daunting feat, especially if you’re starting out with your e-commerce business. You’ve checked your product and sent emails, but sending the package surrounds uncertainty. After all, you are sending your product to strangers. Depending on how many orders come in or how many hands you have helping you out, you could spend the entire day just doing shipping-related tasks to ensure that your customers get their orders.

However, shipping doesn’t have to eat up all of your time. Preparing your package with complete information is one way to guarantee that the courier would deliver your package to the right recipient.

For those starting out online selling here are some dependable tips and tricks to make shipping your package easier for you:

Print Your Shipping Labels and Billing Information

Contrary to printing labels or billings with ink, it is advisable to use thermal printers for printing your shipping labels. Thermal printers use heat-sensitive papers to print characters. This prevents smudging commonly found in ink printing. You can also save from using this kind of printer since you won’t need to buy ink and worry about running and smudging. You can also use them to print stickers to attach on your package.

Ask for Free Shipping Supplies

Don’t concern yourself with trivial things like shipping supplies when you could request them in advance from your carrier. Bonus tip: if you are shipping very fragile items, opt for Styrofoam rather than foam peanuts or bubble wrap.

Make Sure Your Return Policy is Crystal Clear

Your return policy should spell out what customers need to do and expect if they need to do a return. You should make sure that customers could depend on you about their inquiries about your product. But this also serves as a guarantee that reflects the trust retailers have in the product they are selling.

Always Be Clear and Honest About Shipping Costs

No one wants to be surprised at checkout, so make sure that you state exactly how much shipping would cost while your customer is still ordering the product and before checkout.

Consider Providing Return Labels

There’s no harm in providing return labels or instructions on your product. In fact, your customers would love you for it. Since a store’s return policy affects a consumer’s purchasing decision. This also ensures that you receive back your product in case of absent recipients.

Consider Giving Out Freebies

In the event that you have excess inventory that you can’t move or dispose of, consider giving them away to your customers. Whether it’s an out-of-season item or an underperformer, don’t let it go to waste and instead send them out as freebies for your customers. This would help retain loyal customers and impress new ones.

Don’t be scared and overwhelmed with shipping your packages and goods. Growing your business requires risk and shipping is only one of those risks. You need to keep in mind that there are guidelines and laws for a transaction to be honoured. Additionally, all the money and time you save with efficient shipping would give you more time to run your e-commerce business and find potential consumers.