Just Don’t: Home Repairs You Shouldn’t Do On Your Own

Man holding wrench with other tools in the background

Countless guides and how-to articles on the Internet can make you feel like an expert in almost anything. You are thinking of relying on such resources to do some household repairs with the hope of saving money and putting your skills to the test. You believe that following a step-by-step video is the key to accomplishing a repair job that is usually performed by a professional.

The sad part is, there a number of jobs that you shouldn’t tackle on your own. There is always the risk of harming yourself or making a small problem worse if you try to do it all alone. Here are some of the repair jobs you should never do yourself:

Electrical repair

This is dangerous. An experienced DIYer may be able to install or replace a light fixture, but anything complicated than that should be left to a professional. Electricians in Wellington note that one wrong move with this task could lead to shock, injuries, or even death.


It is never advisable to tackle extensive plumbing repairs. Know that a simple leak has a potential to get worse or flood your home if you do a wrong job. Improper work can ruin your purse and your whole plumbing system.

Roofing repair

Getting up and down while carrying tools is a fall hazard. Even minor fixes on low roofs can still be dangerous. It is important to know that roofing jobs require experience and skill to get it right the first time and avoid problems like water damage.

Gas appliance repair

Like electrical repairs, this is also dangerous. You should never fix a gas leak on your own even if you plan to take every safety precaution you know. Let qualified experts handle the issue to avoid fire or explosion.

Major structural work

Renovations may look exciting on TV shows and videos, but they are a lot of work. If the job involves a substantial task, like tearing up a wall, call a professional to do the job safely.

If the task is way beyond your ability, don’t hesitate to call an expert. This can actually save you more money and effort, as you won’t have to buy tools or figure out how to tackle the task on your own.