Metal Recycling 101: Its Environmental Impact & the Five Benefits

Man on a metal recycling field

The metal recycling industry is a source of income for many individuals worldwide. This industry has gained popularity in the recent years, however, because of the growing awareness of how human activities have been depleting the stores of metal ores beneath the earth’s surface. Since recycling makes use of the already mined supplies, metal processing is a more economical option than mining and processing more metal ores.

But that is not all. Besides helping boost the economy, metal recyclers like McCamish Metals can help you take care of the environment in the following areas:

The Greenhouse Effect

The process of mining metals and smelting them involves the emission of greenhouse gases. Since greenhouse gases are one of the largest contributors to climate change and air pollution, recycling metal can reduce the effect of these greenhouse gases on climate change.

Toxic Chemical Leaching

Most metallic rejects, especially from manufacturing electronic devices, end up in landfills. These waste materials can also leach harmful chemicals into the soil, which can find their way in drinking water and pose a significant risk to the humans and animals that live near these places. Recycling helps lessen the chances of this.

Consumes Less Energy

Smelting metals ores into usable materials require a lot of energy. By melting and reshaping metals through recycling, the industry consumes less power.

Solid Landfill Waste

Usually, scrap metals end up in landfills, which are now being called ‘the seventh eyesore‘. Recycling these metals reduces the unnecessary bulk, minimising the size of landfills and the number of resources needed to manage them.

Resource Mining

Ore mining has adverse effects on the environment, such as leaving hollow grounds and affecting the natural habitat of living organisms. Recycling saves the environment from the detrimental effects that ore mining causes.

Metal recyclers in New Zealand note that recycling is important for the perpetuity of the metal industry, and society is slowly embracing the concept of recycling as part of the manufacturing process. Recycling metal supports the economy and minimises pollution, which, altogether, is a worthwhile venture.