Paint Colors to Avoid for Your Home

Man painting the exterior of a house

Preparing to sell your home would probably involve a whole lot of sprucing up and de-cluttering so that everything would look as spic and span as possible. However, your preparation should not end at your front door. Your home’s exterior, particularly its paint color, is just as vital as your home’s interior.

Remember that first impressions are immensely crucial – from the exact moment a potential buyer looks at your home, you want them to see themselves picturing living in your home. With this in mind, when deciding on refreshing your home’s exterior, best avoid these paint colors:

Moody Black

Although black really makes a bold statement, using it as the main color for your home’s exterior could evoke a more ominous feel than an inviting one. If you really love black, opt for a darker or medium gray coupled with white trimmings.

Or go classic with a black front door and shutters against a crisp white backdrop, suggests a house painting expert in Westchester County, NY.

Dark Greens

Dark green hues tend to retreat into your front yard, which would make it hard for potential buyers to notice or admire your house.

If you must choose a dark green shade, opt to use it on your plants or porch accents so that you could still incorporate it into your home’s exterior look without alienating your prospective buyers.

Dull Dark Brown

Similar to black, painting your home exterior a dark brown shade could result in an unwelcoming and foreboding look. Consider softer tans and browns with bright white trim and accents to lend a more welcoming feel to your home’s façade.

Super Sunny Yellow

While yellow shades bring to mind a cheerful and happy home, straying too far into sunflower or lemon yellow hues and the entire effect could rapidly overwhelm prospective buyers. Opt instead for muted yellowish shades like ochre, cornflower yellow and pale straw if you really need to use yellow.

Although these paint colors might look very appropriate and gorgeous in specific regions or when used with a certain architectural style, if you are selling you have to reel in your creative juices and refrain from using these hues that might actually do your more harm than good.