Perks of Working in a CDL Driver Staffing Company

female driver beside a truck

Professional CDL drivers demand better arrangements and working environment to commensurate with their skills and experience. One can choose to drive for a traditional trucking company permanently, a temp agency, or a staffing agency.

Permanent positions are harder to find in the industry as many companies work with temps and staffing agencies. Temp agencies may provide some greater freedom missing in permanent jobs, but it will not offer a better opportunity to grow. But a company for CDL driver staffing will offer the best of both worlds.

Better pay

Staffing companies offer more stability in the long term. Since drivers can work longer on a regular basis and for longer periods, i.e. mostly one or more years, pay is similar to a permanent driver’s job.

Temp companies often do not provide benefits, but staffing companies offer a higher median pay with healthcare coverage, 401k, and insurance to name some.


The good thing about staffing companies is that it works like a trucking company but ensures a greater degree of flexibility to the drivers. A popular policy many staffing companies have is the “no-forced dispatch” policy.

By not forcing drivers to do jobs they do not want to do, it gives them an array of options where they would like to work. They can choose only local trips, state or nationwide trips, or a mix of both. Having this control of the schedule helps CDL drivers manage work and family time conveniently.

Neat resume

With the company handling everything, from pay to schedules, you can sign up for the entire employment period. Unlike temp companies that assign drivers to different hiring companies making the driver a co-employee, staffing companies keep your resume neat and simple, not a narration of companies listed under one temp agency.

When deciding to drive for a staffing company, the perks are surely uplifting but finding the best fit must be accompanied by thorough research of the company’s history, growth, and industry compliance.