Scrap Alert: Recycle that Automobile

Cars being recycled

Recycling metals properly provide materials needed to fabricate new products without taxing the earth’s natural sources too much. Metal recyclers and collectors in Auckland, who serves as the intermediary between scrappers and manufacturers, eagerly collect scrap metal for use. Old motor vehicles are some of the most valuable sources of recyclable aluminium, iron and stainless steel in the world today.

Car statistics

Of the thousands of consumer products, cars are the most recycled. More than 25 million tonnes of automobile parts are recycled annually. Car batteries may be recycled, of course. Also, tyres are also valuable in this respect. Carburettors also contain materials, which can be processed and used again.

Moreover, cars are valuable sources of aluminium, which is one of the most commonly used metal alloys to date. Aluminium comprises at most 10 percent of a vehicle’s weight, but its value is not related to its weight contribution. About 90% of the aluminium found in automobiles can be recycled.

Preparing your old automobile for recycling

When you have made up my mind to empty the garage of your old, broken down automobile, you must spend time preparing it. Before it can be towed to the local recycles, remove miscellaneous items and rubbish. If you ask scrap dealers for advice, they will ask you to drain all fluids from the vehicle. Empty the gas tank, and remove the oil, anti-freeze and brake fluid. Dealers usually charge extra for fluids left in the tanks. When you prepare the car for transfer, it is best to pay attention to guidelines that will maintain the value of the car at a competitive level.

When the subject is an old motor vehicle, it is smarter to recycle now than wait a long time to decide. Keeping an old car on the property for many years will not increase its value. On the contrary, components, which are otherwise valuable, may degrade. When you wait too long, you risk lowering the value of the metal scraps.