Selling Real Estate in 2018: Top Tools to Use

Man doing real estate blog

As 2017 draws to a close, real estate agents and marketers are looking for ways to sell different types of property next year. It’s never too early to plan your strategy when you’ve got some properties to build and sell, particularly because not having a great strategy means seeing your property linger on the market for longer.

That said, Marketing Projects cites some tools you can use to make your property or development project more attractive.


It can be tough to promote real estate because of its size. And the truth is, its size is one of its greatest features. Downplaying the size of the property makes people think it should be sold at a lower price. Why not use drones to capture its scale? Create a video walk-through or an aerial tour of the place and let your real estate marketing agency post it in relevant listing websites or video sharing channels, such as YouTube and Facebook.


Whether you are trying to sell the property on your own or with the help of an agency, you will find Instagram as a valuable tool in finding potential buyers. With powerful and striking images, you can easily get the attention of interested parties. Communicating is also a breeze thanks to Instagram’s direct messaging feature. Do not forget to include your location in your Instagram posts, so that people searching for photos of the place will find your property with ease.


Blogging is not just for corporate entities. It is also for properties that need to be sold, especially real estate. You can greatly benefit from descriptive language and high-resolution photos. Link the blog to your social media profiles and update content regularly to keep people coming back for more. Do not focus on just the specifics of the house. Include design ideas to encourage buyers to imagine their lives in the house.

Selling real estate is not just about listing dimensions and stating the number beds and baths you have to offer. You will find success if you use effective visual tools and seek professional help.