Six Food Production Career Jobs Modesto Residents Will Enjoy

From tomato sauces, fresh bananas, preserved pineapples to fermented wines, Modesto City in California is home to the biggest food producers in the world. It helps that Stanislaus County, where Modesto is the largest city, is home to about 250 plants engaged in canning, freezing, dehydrating, fermenting and packaging hundreds of fresh produce. As such, food production career opportunities abound.

The food production industry in Modesto opens up to a large selection of jobs requiring different levels of skills and experiences, either on full time (food processing plants) or seasonal basis (farms, orchards and vineyards).

Modesto Food Career Opportunities

While the city’s downtowns are filled with food service and restaurateur jobs, the greater landscape offers a range of food production career opportunities Modesto residents can be proud of.

    1. Farm-based – these are crop management tasks such as harvesting fruits, picking out vegetables and sorting out good from the bad.
    2.  Dairy-based – if you love milk, cheese and a good slice of butter and doesn’t mind working amidst all the cream and curd, dairy jobs are perfect for you.
    3. Plant or assembly line-based – if organization and seamless workflow is your thing, jobs that involve peeling, sorting items, quality checking and packaging items will suit you.
    4. Kitchen-based – if cooking is your thing, you’ll thrive in helping create some of the best food products available on supermarket shelves. Major food companies operate large industrial kitchens while commercial kitchens also use family recipes as what Modesto-based Stanislaus Food Products do to create great-tasting products.
    5. Commissary-based –jobs in food preservation, stocking, storage and marketing await you
    6. Other food production jobs – check out local breweries, bakeries and food repacking businesses for suitable jobs.

While various levels and certifications may come in handy, many Modesto employers provide specific food production training to new hires. Extensive experience and advanced studies lead to supervisory, managerial and production director jobs.