Taking Care of the Exterior to Increase Your Home’s Sale Value

Man painting the outside window of his house

Simply lowering the price of your home is not enough to make it sell as fast as you’d want. Selling a home in the competitive real estate market can only be facilitated by ensuring that your home is as aesthetically appealing as it is fully functional. These two must go hand in hand.

For many homeowners, home improvement means grabbing tools from the shed and getting their hands dirty. These are the smart upgrades you can do to make your home stand out and help you clinch the deal.

The compound

Every piece in the compound has its function; it’s either practical or decorative or both. Either way, great curb appeal makes your home the jewel of the neighbourhood and significantly boosts its market value.

Research has it that a well-designed landscape adds up to 28% value to your home. A green lawn with different flower species makes your home look picturesque and inviting. Moreover, including shrubs can add interest to your landscape by creating different textures. Hiring landscape gardeners to help you choose and install the best plant variations for your garden will make the process less tedious.

Painting external walls

Your home must look great outside and in. When the potential buyer walks in, your home’s exterior will make the first impression. A property that appears, old, ugly or dilapidated won’t make the cut. To make your home look fresh and modern, apply fresh paint on exterior walls. While you’re at it, choose your colours wisely.

Stage your porch

Make your porch more inviting by including furnishings. You could opt for a love-seat, a small table, and an outdoor rug. Small decorative pieces, such as potted plants or a festive wreath on your porch, will make your compound even more inviting.

Upgrade garage doors

If your garage doors aren’t in good condition, replace them. If they are beginning to show age, be sure to add a fresh coat of paint. This way, prospective home buyers will see that the entrances are easy on the eyes.

When planning to sell a home, you must do your homework and know what today’s buyers are looking for. After all, most home buyers instinctively know when a home is ready to receive a new occupant.