The Stages of a Growth-Driven Website Design

illustration of a website

Since its inception in the 90s, more and more businesses have heavily invested in the internet for their marketing. Nowadays, internet marketing is the biggest revenue earner for most companies worldwide. The key element that determines your online success is your website’s design.

Traditional website design will not place you ahead in the current cutthroat competitive world. A growth-driven site design is, therefore, the perfect choice for your business, experts from ChescoWeb, LLC note. This design allows you to make continuous redesigns and developments to your website based on data collected from your clients. Here are the primary stages a growth-driven website design will undergo:

Researching and Strategizing

This marks the start of your website design. Here, your design expert will work closely with you to define your target market and your company’s objective. They will also conduct extensive research using various analytics to assess your clients’ experience on your current site and the causes of its bounce rate. The data collected forms the foundation of all elements that need to be improved on your site.

Launch Pad Site

This phase involves the implementation of the strategies you have come up with into your website’s design framework. A launch pad site comprises development and designing, web programming and architecture, and conducting a user experience testing. Once all these elements are good to go, your launch pad site is open and starts gathering data for the next stage.

Continuous Improvement

Here, all activities will center on the improvement of your site and its interactive development. This is done based on the data you have collected from your site’s users. Continuous improvement results in an optimally performing website and page.

These phases might look expensive and resource-intensive. With the right web designer, however, they are inexpensive and straightforward. Though it might take time compared to traditional website design, a growth-driven web design guarantees higher returns.