Types of Waterproofing Systems For Basements

Waterproofing materials

Other than your building burning down, a foundation problem is probably any property owner’s worst nightmare. About 90% of basement problems are caused by water. A basement waterproofing system is, therefore, an integral part of your building construction. It prevents water from seeping into your property’s foundation and destroying it.

If you get the wrong system, your basement will be at a risk of cracks, mould and rotting (wood). Your choice is mostly dependent on your property’s environment. Waterproofing sealants and water drainage systems are the best options for protecting your basement in Sydney.

Here is a closer look at these waterproofing products:

Interior Sealants

These usually serve as temporary waterproofing measures in winter. You can find them in the form of chemical sprays, which are directly applied to basement floors and walls. They likewise prevent condensation and excess humidity in your basement.

Exterior Sealants

These sealants keep groundwater from seeping into your basement walls. They help prevent the growth of mould and damage, which occurs in wet areas of your basement. Exterior sealants are the recommended IBC (International Building Code) method or materials for basement waterproofing. The most commonly used is a polymer based sealant, which lasts for the entire lifetime of your building.

Water Drainage Systems

Water drainage is typically considered an effective basement waterproofing method. It drains water from your property’s foundation and forces it into drains and then pumps. Basement drainage systems usually run on isolated electric systems in times of power outages. Their pumps should be sealed to keep the water from coming into contact with electricity.

As your basement is underground, you will probably not access it daily. It is possible that you will only notice water damage when it is too late. It is important to do waterproofing right the first time. Use quality products and hire a reputable contractor for your basement waterproofing project.