Which Type of Criminal History Check Do You Need?

Criminal Check

Criminal background searches are a great way to determine the character of the people you are about to hire. They root out speculation, letting you hire only the people you whose character is in line with your company’s norms and core values.

Most employers focus on the national criminal history check. It is easy to check criminal record of this nature since you don’t need any stringent consent from the person you are running the background search on.

Which Check Do You Need?

The national criminal history check can either give you:

  • Name only search results – give you a name against any associated criminal records in Australia and perhaps internationally
  • Name with fingerprint results – match the name and fingerprints to criminal records; therefore making it a more thorough criminal background check
  • Name with ASIO security assessment test – combines the regular name check with an ASIO assessment that gauges the employee’s probability of tending towards political violence

The name only search is almost sufficient in most cases. However, sensitive jobs might require more than just looking for fingerprint matching to ensure that potential employees don’t use alibis. The name and ASIO security assessment is mandatory for people seeking employment in companies handling security sensitive information or compounds, such as ammonium nitrate and other explosives.

Doing the Name Check Online

If all you need is a name check, you can use a certified online background check service to assess anyone’s credibility at the touch of a button. The results are almost instant and you don’t have to spend so much time submitting requests to agencies and waiting for detailed reports or assessments.

Doing a quick name check on all your potential employees is a good way to know who you will be working with. However, you must ensure that you do it across the table and avoid profiling specific groups, as this could cause discrimination in the workplace.