Why Climb When You Can Fly? Speed through your Project Safely with a Cherry Picker

Cherry picker being used by the employeesThe Department of Labour’s 2012 report on work-related falls revealed that half of those who fell from temporary structures fell from ladders. Others fell from scaffolding or trestles. This may not be surprising to you, and your crew may have become accustomed to the idea that falling is a normal part of the job. But you can help your team be safer and work faster when you get a cherry picker.

Prevent those falls. The cherry pickers’ guard rails make them safer than ladders and scaffoldings. The stable platform allows the worker to stand comfortably and have both hands free for work. Since the height of the cherry picker is easily adjustable, the worker does not have to over-reach. Cherry pickers also give workers space to put their tools on, so they do not have to do a balancing act.

Do more, work faster

With a cherry picker, your team’s time is not consumed setting up scaffolding and trestles. With the cherry picker’s hydraulic lifting system, your worker saves time going up the structure compared to manually climbing a ladder or scaffolding. Cherry pickers also eliminate the time consumed from repositioning the ladder or scaffolding when working on a new area. Also, since the worker’s hands are free, he can be more productive and comfortable.

Save on money and manpower

Cherry picker rentals let you enjoy using a cherry picker, without the long-term debt and maintenance costs that come from purchasing. If you hire a wet cherry picker, you minimise risks to your workers, and you have one man free to do something else.

Using cherry pickers is the cost-effective option because the workers’ efficiency completes the project faster and reduces the cost of operations spent on additional days. Plus, since the risk of falling is minimised, your business can save on possible expenditures resulting from workplace accidents.

With a way to protect your workers and help them work faster, how can you say no to a cherry picker?