Prevent Repossession: Don’t Give Up Easily

Foreclosed large brick home

The idea of repossession is troubling to many people. If you find yourself in such a situation, it helps to remember that banks would rather resolve the matter than repossess your home. If repossession is a possibility, it is best to act quickly.

Most people think repossession cannot be changed. But websites like explain that there are ways you could prevent this even when you have failed to pay your creditors for several months. Here are some ways you could avoid repossession.

Change your mortgage terms

Contacting your lender should be the first step. Most lenders have a range of options they can offer to prevent repossession while your finances stabilize. In Salt Lake City, you can try to negotiate with your lender to change your mortgage terms. Your lender can opt to:

  • Extend the mortgage term and reduce repayment amounts;
  • Switch from a repayment loan to interest only;
  • Add the arrears to the total balance;
  • Extending the terms helps you avoid falling into arrears.

It is the long-term arrears than make your lenders want to repossess properties or items. If you think you’re going to struggle with payments, you should rearrange your loan terms with the lender first.

Ask your lender to extend the term

If you ask to extend the loan term, it reduces the capital and makes the interest rates more manageable. Although extending the repayment periods means you’ll end up paying more money in the long run, it’s a better option than to fall into arrears. After all, you can always renegotiate for a shorter term one you’re back on your feet again.

Rent out your home for extra income

Rather than selling it at a loss, how about renting it out? You could rent the entire property or a part of it; either way, the extra income will help you repay your loan. Another advantage of leasing your home as opposed to selling it is that you get to retain the equity you have built into it. This equity builds overtime and should you want to sell your home in the future; the property will have a higher market price.

Before handing over the keys to the lender, you should first exhaust all the options available to you. When everything else fails, remember, it’s always better to sell your home than wait for it to be repossessed.