Interesting Facts You Might Want to Know About Feeding Cattle

Owning a few cattle can help you live an independent lifestyle while helping you earn money at the same time. Since owning a cow can provide you access to meat, milk, and even lawn mowing, ensuring their health at a young age can be beneficial.

But aside from calf feed readily available from stores such as, what are the things that you have to remember when managing their food? Here are a few facts that you may want to know about when managing your calves’ food intake.

Add roughage reduce the energy content

Adding roughage can effectively thin out the calves’ energy content, so they won’t likely to overeat. This technique is highly advisable for people who are using self-feeder in order to limit the calves’ food intake to the proper level.

Consistency is key

Consistency with the time of day and the quantity of feed is essential when raising cattle. You should always follow a schedule when feeding your cattle or at least 30 minutes within the target time. You should also ensure your cattle has access to fresh water at all times.

Add salt

Salt acts as a limiter to help cut back on your cattle’s dry matter intake to prevent them from having acidosis. You should mix half a pound of salt to whatever amount of feed that you’re feeding them so they won’t overeat.

Re-evaluate your nutritional plan

There are times when your animal may not be performing the way they should be even though you’re already following a strict nutrition plan.

At times like these, do not be afraid to re-evaluate the plan. You may consider creating individual plans for each cow to ensure that they’re getting the right nutrients for their needs.

Your livestock needs all the nutrition that they deserve. That’s why it’s highly advisable to only get the best feed for their specific needs. You may want to get your supplies from a reliable feeds provider to ensure that you’ll only be getting the quality feed that your animals will love.