3 Considerations That Will Make You Want to Live in Perth

Small house

Perth has been on the rise in Australia as a must live-in location. While rent is becoming more affordable, there are so many reasons more individuals are expressing interest in becoming part of Perth’s local residential scene.

City of great outdoor experience

Brisbane may be renowned for its beaches and animal sanctuaries, but Perth receives just as much street action and sun. Perth has several sunspots – given how Perth is potentially the capital of the sun in Australia for being the area that enjoys the most number of hours of sun.

Whether it is enjoying a day trip to a nearby beach or island or strolling around Fremantle with its culture and history, there is a lot to do outside the house and beyond the city centre in Perth.

Great Transport system

Some of the greatest cities always have efficient and functioning public transportation systems. Perth has its own system made up of trains, buses, and even ferries, all part of the Transport network. It is even more affordable than Sydney’s own transport system, with free transit CAT buses in select districts.

This makes it even more affordable to invest in land estates here in Perth from all areas.

Cost of living and competitive salaries

A usual issue with choosing a new city to live in is the debate on the cost of living versus the salaries and job opportunities available. It is one thing to already have a job before moving, but it is another to try to explore what the city has to offer headfirst.

The good thing about Perth is that all these factors seem to align for individuals living in Perth. It is one of the most affordable cities to live in Australia. Land estates in Perth are also more affordable compared to other areas.

Australia offers a lot of hidden treasures and secrets. Beyond the iconic landmarks, however, are little local spots like Perth that breathe a different kind of life for residents.