An Insight into the Various Kinds of Dirt Commonly Present at Your Office

A neat office

You might look around your office and conclude that you are working in a squeaky clean environment. Dirt to most people, after all, denotes only visible contaminants in their surroundings. There are however various types of dirt that are present in your office.

Thorough cleaning is necessary to eliminate all forms of dirt for a clean and hygienic workplace. The cleaning needed to achieve this environment is best left to office cleaning experts like Forte Commercial Cleaning in San Diego. These professionals are equipped with high-level machines and cleaning products to leave your office sparkling. Here are the various types of dirt office cleaning experts can get rid of.

Loose Soil

Most of the dirt tracked onto your office carpets and rugs on people’s shoes is loose dirt. This dirt scratches and dulls virtually all floor finishes and if neglected will scour your floors like sandpaper. The efficient way of getting rid of loose soil is by using a high-quality HEPA vacuum filter. This is because the particles can be as minute as 5 microns and hence not easy to tackle with regular brooms and vacuum cleaners.

Airborne Dirt

This type of dirt comes from cigarette smoke, auto fumes and pollution. It is carbon-based and oily and hence very difficult to clean. When exposed to sunlight and moisture, airborne dirt can form dangerous chemicals which attach various surfaces of your building. These chemicals are particularly detrimental to floor and wall finishes.


Spills range from your employees’ coffee to oils stains tracked in from the outside. Each passing minute makes the stain settle and harder to eliminate. Spills, therefore, require immediate attention to mitigate damage and eliminate successfully.

Invisible dirt mainly consists of micro-organisms and is very common in a workplace setting. Door knobs, toilet seats and virtually all surfaces in your office need regular disinfection to keep your office germ-free. Ensuring your office is clean is the best way to minimize day-offs from diseases.