Cut Back on Drain Maintenance Costs in Three Smart Ways

Drain of a sink

Plumbing problems are not common in many homes. Most of them will happen after a year or two. However, when they occur, they can wreak real havoc on your finances. This is why you need to verse yourself in straightforward plumbing repairs. Here are tips that will help you cut on plumbing maintenance costs.

Use Hot Water to Unclog Pipes

In Salt Lake City, drain-cleaning services know that there are several causes of clogs. Oil and grease commonly poured through the sinks can cause clogs. Also, drains in salt water areas will likely be clogged due to calcium and magnesium building up on the drains’ walls. To undo such clogs, run hot water through the pipes at least twice a month.

Pull Out the Clog Using a Bent Wire

Get a reasonably long but strong wire. Make a hook at the end and push it into the clogged pipes. You should be able to feel something heavy holding the cable. Pull out whatever is holding it. You might see hair, rags, or plastic bags. This should be easy to learn at home.

Emptying Pipe Traps

In your sinks, toilets, and shower rooms, you will notice some pipes interconnected at joints. Some of these joints have traps that prevent things from going deep into the rest of the drainage system. When they are left unchecked, the dirt may pile up and cut water flow, which may result in backups. Therefore, you need to open them occasionally and inspect them for any debris and dirt accumulation.

Plumbing issues are not just irritating. They also waste water, which goes a long way toward racking up unnecessary bills. Thus, spare yourself from a lot of stress by following the given tips.