Reducing Hair Loss with Laser Combs: Some Facts to Consider

Man combing his hair

Most cases of hair loss are either because of stress, a poor diet, or a serious health condition. However, regardless of the cause, hair loss is not one of the things that people accept easily and affects the confidence of every affected individual.

Therefore, more people are on the hunt for devices that will stop or at least minimise hair loss. Frequent use of the HairMax LaserComb helps in the regrowth of hair even in the most extreme cases of hair loss. These devices look like a typical hair comb except that it has rows of diodes.

It is these diodes that are responsible for emitting laser light in low levels when combing the hair. The diodes in every comb depend on the model and brand of the comb. Patients should comb their hair using this device for about 10 minutes daily, a minimum of three days a week.


Although most individuals consider laser combs cosmetic products, these devices are medically-approved as they use medical lasers that belong to Class III. These lasers are useful in treating conditions such as muscle aches and arthritis.


Laser combs are relatively cheaper than other treatment methods, such as using laser helmets. Although the laser combs costs a lot, the results after using them for a long time are worth the investment.


These combs require manual usage, unlike the helmet that needs you to just put it in for a given amount of time. The comb is sizeable, therefore comfortable to carry around when travelling.

While some people are okay with their bald heads, others lose their confidence and self-esteem, hence the need for a hair loss remedy. Proper and consistent use of the HairMax LaserComb will help you reduce your hair loss, irrespective of gender and age.