Reliving Your Childhood in a New Home

Brand New Luxury Home in Scottsdale, Arizona

Childhood seems like a long way away now that you’re an adult and starting your own family. You’re seeing your children grow up, or perhaps you’re trying to conceive. Whichever the case, wouldn’t it be nice to share with your children some of your fond memories as a child?

Even if you don’t live in your childhood home anymore, you can relive some of your favorite memories by doing the following:

Using the Same Color Scheme in the House

New homes for sale at Brookfield Residencial are blank canvasses waiting for you to design them to your wishes. They may come outfitted with modern furnishings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring back the nostalgic feeling of your childhood. Close your eyes and think about the colors of your old house. Now, choose similar shades in the furniture and decor in your new home. It’s the perfect blend of old and new–your past and present colliding.

Going Back to Your Old Neighborhood

If you’ve lived your childhood in Missouri and had to move away, going back to your neighborhood in Kansas City is sure to bring back memories. Take your child to a trip down the streets you used to roam and share with them some of your stories growing up. It’s a good way to bond, and it shows them that you were once a child, too. This opens doors for communication as they see something in common with you.

Introducing Your Kids to Your Favorite Games

Children these days are so used to being online. It won’t hurt if you pry them away from their gadgets to teach them your favorite board game or encourage them to play outside. It will do them good to break away from the stresses of being online all the time, and you’re also keeping old traditions alive.

You’ve grown up, but you don’t have to say goodbye to your childhood just yet. Share the best of your childhood with your family.