The Flavorful Mix that Makes Mexican Food Irresistible

Soft Burrito

Wherever you go, there will always be an encounter with a Mexican food truck. The smell and taste of Mexican food in Iowa City is inviting, stirring the senses like no any other food. Mexican food is delicious, coming with a sophistication that speaks of history and irresistibility.

Native Recipe

Maize, tomatoes, goat meat, and fish are the usual ingredients of a lot of Mexican food such as that served at La Regia Taqueria. The typical agricultural produce of pre-colonial Mexico often epitomizes authenticity. Authentic dishes have been prepared traditionally for at least 50 years.

All over the world, we always find “authentic” as a clear-cut adjective used in promoting Mexican food stalls and restaurants. Be careful, however, as a lot of Mexican food can be localized or mixed with ingredients that are not authentic.

Traditional Taste-Busting Ingredients

Mexican food actually uses few ingredients that are common. Garlic, onions, oregano, cumin, chili powder, epazote, and cocoa are popularly used. A combination of these gives you that unique flavor we all know so dearly.

Garlic and onions may come fresh, powdered, or in a jar. They are famously used in salsa and other seasonings, especially for Spanish rice. The spices give the lingering flavor. Oregano provides an earthy taste, while cumin gives that small but powerful bitter taste. For the enormous kick, chili powder is used in a dish. A seasoning made with chili powder, oregano, and cumin is the perfect seasoning there is. Other flavors come from epazote (a spice), which is used to flavor beans; cocoa for a warm flavor; and cinnamon, cloves, and even anise to enrich the overall flavor.

The irresistible taste of Mexican food has become legendary. Well-known and well-exported throughout the world, the flavor that enriches every meal is also healthy and complete. As such, it reinvigorates the senses and our love for authentic food.