Three Practical Ways to Ensure Your Child is Safe around Window Treatments

Kid on a Window Blinds

Improvements in the functionality of modern window coverings have helped consumers enjoy stylishly easy-care window treatments, particularly in the production of ready-to-use sheer roller blinds to enhance child safety. Moreover, unless you have recently furnished your house with modern window coverings, you will barely remember the safety overhaul the blinds and window covering industry underwent in the 1990s in response to reports of deaths in children from strangulation with poorly-designed pull cord systems.

Nonetheless, child safety remains a major issue

While the design overhaul majored on developing cordless styles of window treatments and safer pull cord systems, vertical blinds, curtain rods, and floor-length drapery still posed child safety concerns. Tragically, Australia loses up to two children to strangulation from noncompliant window coverings annually, Product Safety Australia reports.

It is not all gloomy, though

Even with traditional blinds and curtains, you can still ensure they are exceptionally safe for your children by achieving the following:

  1. Ensuring loose or looped blind and curtain cords are far from your baby’s reach by tying them firmly above your child’s height and moving furniture away from the window coverings.
  2. Fixing unsafe cords and chains on cleats. However, ensure these tensioning devices are also out of your child’s reach. If you are not living in a rented apartment, first inquire for your landlord’s or agent’s consent before fixing the cleats on their property.
  3. Moving any furniture that young children can use to reach for long and loose window treatments and avoid leaving children alone around areas with such window coverings.

Who else is advocating for child’s safety?

The government and window treatments safety advocates are still working on rules that would guide the production of all shades, blinds, and curtains to ensure even corded models are safe for use and comply with national design standards.

Should you have anterior concerns for either vertical or horizontal sheer roller blinds ready-made to meet safety requirements, you can engage an experienced window coverings manufacturer or distributor for appropriate retrofitting to prevent the danger of loose or looped cords.