Types of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete Buildings

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Your material option is the primary determinant of your building’s longevity, strength, and total cost. With technological innovations, there is now a broad material range for modern constructions. Construction expert Qualified Building Solutions shares that the popular options because of their low cost, durability, and exceptional strength are steel and concrete.

In the past, you could only settle for one of these. Nowadays, there is a way of using both steel and concrete for one construction. This is by using steel reinforcement in a concrete structure. Here are the reinforcement types you can use.

Hot-Rolled Deformed Bars

This is primarily used in roller-compacted concrete (RCC) structures. The process of hot rolling produces deformations on the steel bar’s surface that enhance its bond with the concrete. Hot-rolled deformed bars have tensile yield strength of approximately 60,000 psi.

Cold-Worked Steel

This is formed through a cold-working process on hot-rolled steel. Cold working comprises drawing or twisting of the steel bars at room temperature. The steel thus formed is less ductile compared to hot-rolled steel. It is generally used in projects where straightness and low tolerance are the primary concerns. The usual tensile yield strength for cold worked steel is 60,000 psi.

Pre-Stressing Steel

This comes in the form of tendons or strands and bars. The tendons are the number one choice since they can be used in a range of profiles. Pre-stressing steel is cold-drawn and consists of multiple strands that increase its tensile strength to about 250,000 to 270,000 psi. This steel is generally used in pre-stressed concrete slabs or bridges and is sometimes enclosed in PVC sheaths.

The steel reinforcement options mentioned above are at times called rebars. They are widely available, compatible with concrete, and eco-friendly since they can be recycled. Though concrete reinforced buildings are generally costly, they are now among the most durable constructions on the market.