5 Ways to Get Younger & Healthier-Looking Glow

Woman with her smooth skin

To maintain a beautiful and youthful glow, following a strict and proper skin care routine is necessary. Contrary to what most people believe, the process does not simply end with cleansing. There are steps you need to follow to keep your skin happy and healthy.


When choosing a cleanser, always go for gentle and all-natural products that would deeply clean dirt and excess oils out of your pores. Stay away from products that contain parabens, phthalates, and tricolson because they do more harm than nourish your skin. A much even better way to ensure you’re using the right cleanser is to ask for the approval or advice of your dermatologist.

Serums & Supplements

What comes after cleansing is nourishing your skin with the right nutrients and vitamins to maintain its healthy glow. For this step, it is necessary to use serums enriched with glow-boosting formula like Vitamin C, E, and peptides to revive the lost nutrients of your skin. Including this as part of your daily skin care regimen will leave you with fresher and healthier feeling.

Food & Balanced Diet

Follow a healthy and well-balanced diet. It is said that whatever is in your plate can create a huge impact on your body’s overall condition, including your skin. Eat protein-rich meals and food rich in Vitamin C and those that have high antioxidant content. Along with that, choose low glycemic food and go for more leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains.


At a certain moment, your skin might lose its natural glow. Don’t worry because you can do something about that with the help of a moisturizer. Now, choosing the right one might be a little challenging since it may either leave your face dry or too oily. Phytomer suggests knowing more about moisturizing creams for face to see which product will match with your skin type. For this one, you may ask for the opinion of a skin care specialist to explain and understand each type.

Rest & Sleep Well

Not having enough rest is the biggest hurdle of many to achieve healthy skin. Ideally, a person’s body require a good seven to eight hours of undisturbed rest for it to recuperate lost or dead skin cells.

Unfortunately, not many people could do that, due to number of tasks and schedules they have to finish. This is why experts suggest slowing down on day-to-day activities. Lack of sleep don’t only give you bad skin, but can make a person grumpy and stressed which can affect the way you live your life.

Follow these golden rules of skin care to maintain a healthy and ageless glow. Other than these, it is also recommended seeing a dermatologist every to assess and give proper advice as you take proper care of your skin. Stay fresh and beautiful by keeping these tips in mind.