An Insight into Various Types of Patient Assistance Programs

Prescription drugs in bottles

According to research, at least 50 million Americans do not have health insurance, while many other millions have limited insurance plans. That means, a majority of people cannot afford to pay for their healthcare, and even if they did, they could not afford to pay for the prescribed drugs.

Fortunately, there is help for most people who cannot afford to pay for their drugs. This comes through prescription assistance programs for low-income earners from organizations such as The Rx Solution.

The program’s design helps those in need to get prescription drugs at very low costs or no costs at all. Here are types of patient assistance programs available today.

Drug Company Run Programs

This option requires you to send an application to a specific medicine company, explaining your financial situation. Your application must be accompanied by a doctor’s note giving details about your prescription.

If you qualify for the assistance, the company will start shipping the drugs directly to your home or your doctor’s office.

State-Run Programs

In this category, the program varies from one state to other, with the prescription assistance program focusing on disabled, the elderly, and the financially unstable.

The program covers people who have conditions such as HIV/AIDS, extremely severe kidney diseases, among others. The programs sometimes coordinate with Medicare benefit plan for better assistance.

Drug Discount Card Program

Some retail pharmacies, States, and non-profit organizations offer patients drug discount cards. Some cards are free while others require a minimal annual or monthly fee. If you choose to go with this option, ensure that you go with a well-known organization as some scammers sell fake cards.

If you require help with more than one prescription drug, it may be tedious to research, fill in paperwork, and submit to all the available options. In that case, various groups offer free information on the programs while others help you find the exact program that offers the specific drug that you require.