Brighter Teeth With Teeth Whitening In Camden

Teeth Whitening ProcedureIt’s hard to imagine anything more appealing than a bright, white smile. However, teeth tend to stain naturally as we age due to the weakening of the tooth enamel. No matter how healthy teeth may feel, many people find that having them whitened provides a ‘finishing touch’ that they need to feel good about their appearance.

Professional teeth whitening in Camden is a popular cosmetic dental treatment available at many dental practices, including Ace Dental. Teeth whitening performed by an experienced dentist is safe and effective compared to generic over-the-counter whitening treatments. Professional whitening treatment always takes into account the patient’s oral health and type of staining in order to meet their needs and cosmetic goals.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

Tooth discolouration can be the result of many factors and some of them cannot be avoided. Yellow and stained teeth are commonly the result of foods and beverages such as caffeine and red wine, tooth decay, and smoking. Some people are genetically predisposed to have darker or yellower teeth, whereas others have yellow teeth as a result of certain medications. Luckily, these unattractive hues can be whitened with professional teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening In Camden

When diligent oral care and regular cleanings at the dentist are not enough, professional whitening procedures can usually do the trick. Zoom and Enlighten teeth whitening treatments are popular since they help restore the whiteness of teeth by several shades, quickly and safely. Both treatments use powerful bleaching agents, which are customised for each patient. They also use a sophisticated laser system, which is able to restore the teeth’s whiteness by several shades in about an hour at the dental practice.

Home whitening, on the other hand, uses customised bleaching trays designed to fit comfortably over the patients’ teeth. Patients are encouraged to wear them along with the bleaching agent for a few hours every day or at night. Results are visible as early as 2 weeks into the treatment.

Generally, all professional teeth whitening treatments are effective and painless. The length of time that the treatment will last will depend on the patient’s level of dental hygiene, diet, and lifestyle habits.