Building Muscle for Weight Loss

fit woman with measuring tape around her waist

Are you struggling to lose weight but you can’t seem to get the extra pounds off? One of the ways most people try to lose the extra weight is to do cardio exercises. While these are effective, you need to incorporate strength training in your women’s weight loss program to build and tone your muscles.

Here’s how training will help you achieve your weight loss goals:

Multiple Sets

You should do the exercises in multiple sets of at least 15 repetitions. Conducting the exercises in a circuit gives you the allowance of taking rests in between the training sessions. In addition, you get to burn a lot of calories when you exercise for a short period but at high intensity. You can do the exercises targeting different body parts.

Free Weights are as Good

When a majority of people thinks of training with weights, they envision the heavyweights at the gym. However, you can train using free weights and the exercises are as effective. Training with fewer weights is easy for individuals who are just starting resistance training. In addition, you can stabilize yourself during the exercises, making it easy to do more exercises for a longer time.

Burns more Calories

Compared to fat, the muscle burns more calories. That means when you build your muscle, you can lose fat faster, which is equivalent to the pounds you are looking to shed. Toning your muscles increases the amount of oxygen you inhale after your exercise. That means your body will continue to burn calories even after you are done with the workout.

A common fear among women is that resistance training will cause the body to tone up, and therefore, get a manly look. The truth is women’s weight loss program that incorporates resistance training will speed up the weight loss process and not cause you to have the body of a bodybuilder. It is possible to tone your muscles without causing an increase in your muscle mass.