Doing Family Medicine Locums Alongside Your Full-Time Job

an interim doctor doing a high five with her patient

Have you thought of locum tenens, but your mind cannot get its way around that idea. What may be the reason? Here is one: you are in a permanent medical practice position full time.

However, that will not stop you from considering a locum tenens job on the side.

You are not the only one

A recent survey shows that physicians who would wish to do locum tenens do not cite working full time as a stumbling block. There is a perception that if you need to do locum tenens, you should do it full time. That is a little misleading.

It is possible to do family medicine locums – a service offered by firms such as Interim Physicians – alongside your full-time job. Below are more reasons why you should take that locum tenens opportunity the next time it comes knocking.

You Can Choose Contracts to Fit Your Schedule

Take locum tenens contracts depending on the time that you are not in your fulltime job. However, remember not to overwork yourself to avoid burnout at work.

It is a Good Chance to Improve Your Skills

Besides meeting new faces, a physician gets to know different medical procedures and the varying cultural influences in medical practice. Locum tenens experiences can also help interns know the best medical practices to implement should they consider venturing into a more permanent medical practice.

Supplementing Your Income

Medical professionals are among the people with high debts due to medical school loans. Doing locum tenens provides you with a chance to increase your revenue to service the loans besides adding your daily income.

In fact, most locum tenens pay a higher rate than permanent position, to cover extra expenses, such as lodging and traveling.

However, before you incorporate family medicine locums into your full-time schedule, it is important to know what to expect. If it is your first time in this, you need to undergo a credentialing process from your staffing company and in any facility that will offer you the locum tenens.

This process might be challenging for you, but you can get help from agencies that handle your details and expedite the process as you launch on fresh grounds.