Don’t Let the Unimaginable Become Reality

Girl undergoing dental implant

When people are young they cannot imagine what it must be like when bits of their body stop working, and that’s what tends to happen as they age. Teeth are one part of the body, well 32 parts really, that can start to fail, or get knocked out, at almost any age, but the chances of losing teeth increase over about the age of 40. Lose enough teeth and it becomes impossible to chew food properly any more. Until recently, it could remain impossible, that is until dental implants in Belfast came along.

In Belfast, dental implants have been around for quite a while. They were first available back in the 1980s, but treatment was expensive and sometimes not feasible. Now, many reputable dentists, including Blue Sky Dentistry, offer dental implants as a way to restore missing teeth.

Criteria for Getting Dental Implants

For many years, getting dental implants depended very much on the state of the jawbone. The jawbone needs teeth in it, clanking gently against each other during chewing, to stimulate it to produce new bone cells. Without that stimulation, the bone starts to resorb, which is a technical way of saying it starts to dissolve itself, returning the calcium to the bloodstream for use elsewhere.

Resorption kicks in pretty quickly and it’s how people end up with that pointy chinned, sunken-faced look. If a patient’s teeth had been missing for a while, there was a good chance their bone was now not dense enough to withstand either the drilling required to make channels to insert new implants, or the multidirectional forces created during chewing. People were turned away, and faced decades of dentures, which cover the roof of the mouth, and only take about a quarter of the pressure needed to chew properly. For many, eating as a pleasurable experience was now officially over.

However, with the advent of bone grafts, sinus lifts, and dental implants that are inserted into the cheekbone rather than the jaw, there is new hope for patients wanting dental implants in Belfast. The best way to find out about this is to go in for a consultation.