Getting Breast Implants? Consider These First.

A majority of women go for breast implants for cosmetic purposes, particularly, to make their breasts bigger and fuller. In other cases, they get it done for reconstruction after a mastectomy for breast cancer.

You have decided to take the challenge and get a breast augmentation procedure. Your head is buzzing with multiple questions about the whole process. Just as most women, you are stuck on knowing what matters in breast augmentation.

Before going to your breast augmentation appointment in Lake Havasu, here is an insight into various factors that you should consider from

Type of filler

You have an array of options when choosing the material to use. They range from highly cohesive silicone also known as the gummy bear, silicone gel, and saline implants. None of these is the best or worst, as there are many factors to consider.

It is critical to note that they all have a difference in feel, incision requirements, and the total overall cost. Your cosmetic surgeon will help you choose the best implant for you specifically.


Saline and silicone have a round shape, while gummy bears can either have a round or any other shape. As such, if you are looking to achieve a fuller upper pole (the cleavage area), round implants are the best option.

On the other hand, the shaped implants will achieve a gently sloping look according to your chest profile. Both options can give you a natural look and feel, but only if done by a skilled surgeon.


Breast implant sizes range from approximately 150cc to 800cc or more. Each patient will require a different size in each breast for them to attain the best possible symmetry.

However, note that you just do not select a random size. Instead, the decision should align with your surgeon’s recommendations, your existing breast size, and your preference.

Identifying the above factors is only half the battle in achieving the best result with your breast augmentation procedure. The other half lies in getting a skilled and experienced surgeon to carry out the procedure. While at it, ensure that you get proper information on how to care for your breasts after the procedure.