How Digital Dental X-rays Can Benefit Your Children

Child in a dentist officeX-rays are powerful tools for kid's dentists in Lehi. Digital X-rays allow dentists to spot the oral problems they could have missed during the physical examination.

Here are some reasons why a digital X-ray is good for your children:


There are some areas in your child's mouth that your dentist cannot see. For instance, X-rays can show cavities located in between the teeth that wouldn't have been spotted otherwise. They can also help diagnose infections, abscesses, cysts, deformities and tumors.

Deeper evaluations

An X-ray can also monitor the dento facial development of the child, and remedy any deformities before they get out of hand. They can shed light on the growth and development pattern of permanent teeth before they even show up. With this information, dentists can then plan for future orthodontic treatment that your child may need.

80-90% less radiation exposure than film X-rays

Digital X-ray technology gives off less exposure to radiation as opposed to traditional X-rays. Digital machines also give faster and more accurate results. This benefit comes coupled with less exposure time and faster results. The American Dental Association also offers guidelines on how to minimize the radiation risk from X-rays that your dentist has to follow.

Children often require more dental care than adults. Kids are more prone to cavities and tooth deformation as their permanent teeth start to come in. With this in mind, dental X-rays are useful tools for any parent who wants to make sure their child grows up with a healthy set of pearly whites.