Let’s Talk About Dental Implants and Food

a female patient having a dental implant procedure

It’s important for people to know how their dental treatment will affect their life. Any effects can be temporary or permanent and they might be entirely positive or come with some challenges. Regardless of the impact, it’s the job of a dental professional to adequately prepare their patients for what’s to come. Dental implants in Gloucester are a good example of a dental treatment that requires some discussion and preparation.

There are lots of different aspects to a treatment such as dental implants in Gloucester. The most reliable and informed source for covering all the bases is a practitioner like Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios. They can address all the different issues and shape a consultation process to individual needs. However, today we are going to look at one aspect that comes up before, during and after treatment and that’s how dental implants impact the patient’s relationship with food.


One of the basic pleasures of life that can be irreparably affected by missing teeth is the ability to eat. It’s easy to take it for granted but we structure our days around meals, our social lives around food and even sometimes a sense of self if we see eating as our way of relaxing or sharing with others. If any or all of these are affected, what happens then? Full tooth replacement with dental implants in Gloucester is one way to address the problem.


It’s true that dental implants can temporarily restrict someone’s food choices even more. However, it feels different to any long-term deprivation because it’s purposeful and only while the body is healing. This occurs in the weeks following the fitting of dental implants. During this time, the patient can look forward to having their mouth functionality restored.


One of the key benefits of dental implants is that they can withstand the normal forces of chewing with no compromises when it comes to bite pressure. The jaw muscles work in concert with the implants because they are blended with the material in the bone. This means that someone can interact with food naturally without really having to think about what they are eating.