More Than a Cheerleader: The Extra Mile Personal Trainers Take for You

Personal trainer helping the client

Working with a personal trainer is an expense that many people are willing to pay in the name of physical fitness. Studies even show that having a personal trainer makes people work out better and help them achieve their fitness goals. Of course, the success of the client’s routine depends on the strategy that an experienced the trainer uses — and that will have to be customized.

Personal trainers, therefore, must offer more than just a list of regular workout routines and exercises. They need to know how to tailor it to a client’s specific needs.

Motivating and Reprimanding

Personal trainers have a reputation for being the staunchest cheerleaders. When you feel that your feet are ready to give up on you or that your arms are about to fall off, trainers are there to vocally encourage you to push forward with the workout. They are the staunchest proponents of “mind over matter,” and soon, you’ll find yourself chanting the same mantra.

More importantly, personal trainers can also be your worst critic. A seasoned trainer doesn’t baby his or her clients. If you’re ever given a chance to work with one, they will likely tell you to quit whining and start lifting. If you want results, then they’ll help you do just that by keeping you on track.

Continuing Study

People don’t become a personal trainer overnight. It takes years of experience and studying to become a certified fitness professional to do so. Many of them even sign up for courses at accredited institutions (ex: American College of Sports Medicine) and earn certifications (ex: National Strength and Conditioning Association certification) to expand their knowledge of fitness techniques and routines. They must continuously learn so that they can help clients better.

With knowledge, expertise, and dedication to their client’s fitness, trainers will be able to design an effective fitness program. This way, they can advise clients on what targets to aim for and how to go about the routine properly. MUV Fitness, a fitness chain in Washington DC, even does a monthly reprogram of its clients’ fitness plans to accommodate the changes in the client’s physical fitness needs.

Listen to your personal trainer. What they want is for you to get the most out of your exercise. They’ve even gone the extra mile to see to it you succeed. Now it’s time for you to do the work.