No Excuses, A New Smile is Available Whatever a Person’s Age

invisalign braces on a woman

When it comes to misaligned teeth and overbites, most adults put off having braces. There’s a million excuses and ideas, yet smiles are kept tight-lipped or hidden completely, leaving confidence knocked. Due to outdated ideas of what braces look like, it might be surprising to find out that clear braces are available, such as Invisalign. In Weybridge, why do adults put of getting wonky teeth corrected? Here are 5 myths debunked, which may lead to a stampede at the local dentist:

It’s too late, adult teeth won’t move

This is a myth that is entirely incorrect. Adult teeth will move and can be fully straightened. In addition, adults are more likely to take oral hygiene seriously and follow treatment plans. Some types of clear braces require adherence to step-by-step processes, that need to be followed. In Weybridge, Invisalign comprises a carefully plotted series of plastic aligners that gently move teeth into a new position. It’s important to change to the next step in the series about every 10 days and to attend dental appointments regularly.

Invisalign in Weybridge is too expensive

Most dental surgeries such as Weybridge Orthodontics offer 0% interest finance to allow easy, monthly instalments, making Invisalign affordable.

It’s been so long why bother now?

There are health benefits to having teeth straightened: misaligned teeth collect more plaque that could lead to gum issues such as gingivitis, whilst overbites can lead to headaches and sleepless nights.

Adults wearing braces look ridiculous

Guess what, clear braces such as Invisalign are completely clear. Invisalign aligners are 3D-printed to fit over teeth perfectly, so they are virtually impossible to see.

It’ll be a total inconvenience

In Weybridge, Invisalign aligners are incredibly easy to use and take care of. Since they are fully removeable, brushing and flossing can be done as normal. No foods are restricted because the aligner can be taken out. It’s always good to eat a healthy diet, but no treats need to be missed.

The only inconvenience that Invisalign wearers will suffer from is endless attention due to smiling like a Cheshire cat all day long.