People really do feel better with braces in Leeds

Child smiling with bracesFinally, it’s official! Young people who get their teeth straightened see improvements for life in their wellbeing, particularly in the areas of emotional and social wellbeing. Researchers at the University of Sheffield Clinical School of Dentistry looked at children under 18 for this research published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics in May 2017.

There has not been much research to back up all the stories dentists, such as Enhance Dental, hear from their patients about the positive changes in their lives after having treatment with braces in Leeds, so it is good to see some coming through at last. It also seems fair to assume that if braces improve the emotional and social wellbeing of children, then they do the same for adults.

In Leeds, braces come in a variety of systems. Each system has its advantages, and there is one to suit every patient. Let’s take a look at what’s available:

Fixed braces

Brackets and wires fixed to the fronts of the teeth. If there is no need for strong forces to realign the bite, then the brackets can be smaller and made of clear ceramic and the wires can be thinner and tooth-coloured. This reduction in size and change in colour means these braces no longer dominate the mouth. Treatments can also be quicker, but the braces cannot be removed to make cleaning and eating easier.

Lingual braces

Brackets and wires again, but this time fixed to the backs of the teeth, on the tongue side. These are completely hidden from view throughout treatment, but once again they cannot be removed to clean or eat. They are good for treating all sorts of problems.

Clear aligners

Very thin clear plastic aligners that resemble mouth guards. A succession of them is worn, each for about 2 weeks, to gently nudge the teeth into alignment. As good as invisible, these are great for professionals. They are also removable for easy cleaning and eating.

Front teeth aligners

A single aligner of plastic and metal that treats only the front teeth. Removable for eating and cleaning, it can work very quickly, in a matter of weeks and can also be used as a retainer.