Problem with you Cervical Spine? Know the Treatment

Woman having a problem with her cervical spine

Your cervical spine can support your head while it makes different kinds of movements from one direction to the other. Its multi faceted structure makes it flexible causing your neck to be vulnerable to harm.

In that case, it is imperative that you look for a cervical spine specialist in Hurst, TX, such as those in Cervical Spine Institute.

Your neck’s ability to move is important, and that is why several reasons cause your cervical spine to crack. Here are some ways to treat your cervical fracture:

Pain reliever

In most cases, medical assistants provide you with a medicine to relieve the pain. You have to remember that you should not wait for your situation to become critical or serious before asking for medication.

On the other hand, in case the medicine did not help at all with the pain, advise the medical staff immediately. Be careful because pain reliever medicine could make you sleepy.

Traction is use

This levels the cervical spine using weights that pull your bones back to its place. In some instances, specialists do this before surgery takes place.

Limited movement

This is a type of treatment is limit the mobility of your neck and head while healing the fracture. It might take months for the complete healing and depending on your situation, you might use halo brace, a semi-rigid collar or a soft collar.


Surgery is the last option to completely cure your fracture or if your fracture did not mend after the immobilization process. It is where experts repair your fracture by cutting the back or front part of the neck and should be done only by a medical specialist.

After treatment

After the processes that you have been through, a therapist can help you with your rehabilitation. You can both exercise mobility and speech for complete recovery.

It is good to know the process of curing a cervical fracture in this way you will be more careful in what you do.