Smile More with these Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Dentist showing the patient her teeth resultThe misconception that people in the United Kingdom have bad teeth has been around for many years. However, this is an inaccurate generalisation, especially nowadays when more and more of the nation’s residents continue to strive towards better oral health.

And many thanks to the innovations the cosmetic dentistry field has undergone over the years, the British people now have many ways to prove these rumours wrong. When you undergo any of these cosmetic dentistry treatments, not only will you have a better-looking smile; you will also enjoy improved overall oral health.


Bonding involves a process of applying a tooth-coloured resin on the surface of the affected tooth. The dentist will then use a specialised type of light to harden the material. Its primary goal is to repair physical tooth damages, including breaks, chips, or cracks. Many individuals also undergo this procedure to get rid of tooth discolouration.

Also, cosmetic composite bonding in London has become very popular because it is one of the easiest, quickest, and least invasive cosmetic dentistry procedures.


Crowning, like bonding, also fixes damaged teeth or strengthens weakened ones. It also serves as a size, shape, and appearance enhancer.

Bleaching, Laser Whitening

Tooth discolouration is quite common amongst Britons, which is why the number of consumers undergoing teeth whitening has gone up. Primarily carried out either through bleaching or the use of a laser, this procedure can eliminate stains on the teeth and make it whiter, shinier, and better-looking.


Veneers offer a more conservative way to alter the shape and colour of damaged teeth. Wafer-thin in width, a dentist, will place these tailor-made shells over the front surface of the teeth, covering and protecting it. The most common materials used in veneer creation include porcelain and resin composite.

Because all these cosmetic dentistry procedures considerably improve the overall appearance and health of the teeth, undergoing any of them will help you feel more confident about yourself. As such, you will find yourself smiling a lot more.