Straightening the Smile

Dentist smiling and ready to work

When people talk about tooth re-alignment in Essex, braces are often the first word that springs to mind. Along with the word comes a memory from school: the image of the unfortunate boy or girl who had to wear what looked like a miniature train track on their teeth for a long time. It’s understandable that this is an off-putting image for adults who’d like to straighten their teeth, which is why many people avoid doing so.

But things have moved on since those days, and there is now a range of treatments that come under the heading of braces. In Essex, many dental practices, including Simply Teeth, can offer solutions to tooth alignment that is both discreet and customised to the patient’s specific dental situation.

Hidden Comforts

What’s on offer with modern braces is a variety of tooth-coloured, clear, or nearly-invisible dental appliances. Along with being less visible to friends and colleagues, they are more comfortable for the patient. In the case of the Invisalign system, they can even be removed at mealtimes or when brushing.

Adults with professional careers can find this adaptability a real bonus. On social occasions in Essex, braces could go undetected by everyone except the wearer.

It’ll Soon Be Over

Modern tooth realignment can also be quicker than many people imagine. While the treatment has to take some time to be effective, modern methods are optimised for each patient, meaning they will take no longer than they have to. If a patient’s needs are not too complex, the braces might only need to be worn for six months to a year. Afterwards, the patient may need to wear a retainer at night to make sure the teeth are secure in their new, improved positions.

Many Benefits

Straighter teeth are generally healthier teeth. The lack of hard-to-brush areas in the mouth means that cleaning is easier, and the risk of gum disease and tooth decay is lessened. And the jaw will be under less strain, as teeth bite and chew more efficiently in their proper positions.

And then, of course, there is the cosmetic benefit. Having a smile to show off not only looks better, it can make people feel better, too.