Teeth straightening in Luton

BracesMany adults are put off from reaching their goal of a picture perfect smile because in their minds the treatment will either be a long drawn out process, or worse still, be advertised to the world. Perhaps even the thought of it being painful turns them off. Well, people can now change that way of thinking. Braces have gone through a lot of changes over the years and can now be offered to suit your lifestyle and tooth straighening needs.

Benefits of invisible braces in Luton

If discretion is high priority, in Luton invisible braces are offered by all modern dental practices, such as Vogue Dental Care. The dentist will be able to explain the options for invisible braces, the process of teeth straightening plus all the benefits that come with it.

Invisible braces in Luton are effective at treating most dental problems. If a patient has crooked and crowded teeth invisible braces can rectify this. If a patient has problems such as an overbite or underbite, wearing invisible braces as instructed can also realign these issues.

Invisible braces such as Invisalign are available in are a series of smooth, transparent aligners that help move teeth into the correct position over a period of time. These braces are custom made and at the initial consultation, the dentist will take photos of the teeth and input it on computer.

Using 3D technology, the dentist can then plan precisely how the patients’ teeth will progress during treatment. There will need to be a set of aligners made to keep a constant pressure on the teeth. The aligners have to be worn for 7-10 days before shifting onto the next set. Total treatment time can differ for each individual patient. These invisible braces are also removable and can be taken out for brushing and eating, as well as attending special occasions. However, for optimum results they must be worn as often as possible, at a recommended 22 hours per day to keep treatment on track.

The importance of also keeping up a healthy oral routine is also imperative alongside the wearing of any braces, invisible or not.