The 2 Key Benefits of Using the ClearView Uterine Manipulator

surgeons in operating roomThere is a lot of praise about the ClearView, and, well, facts say it all. It has 120° and 90° ante- and retroversion, respectively, and lateral movement. These dimensions in motion range make it the highest in quality among uterine manipulators.

It is also light-weight and has a balanced-design, two of which allow you to move the ClearView into almost any position. That frees your hands and eliminates the need for working with an assistant in that.

Here is more into how the manufacturers designed this medical device to get results. And, that is to say, “Near-Perfect Results.”

Easy Manipulation

The ClearView kit comes with a 1cm spacer to help you adjust the tip length such that you can effectively change it to 8cm from 9cm or 6cm from 7cm. The spacer will always come in handy when you need to optimise sizing at the least possible time, which save you operation time. In short, the ClearView offers maximum manipulation and complete control.


The ClearView is such an innovative device that every medical practitioner would love to use it. One, it is entirely disposable. Its design also makes it an excellent tool to manipulate the uterus while still providing the surgeon with complete control and optimal visibility during the entire laparoscopic procedure.

ClearView also comes with a rotating handle that you can use one hand to control the whole device, which will enable easy and quick manipulation with near-zero interference with the sterile barrier.

The ClearView is one uterine manipulator that will give you all the device control you ever needed. It is clear that it is such an ultramodern device that manufacturers build with innovation and ease of manipulation in mind.

These have made this device a crucial element for medical practitioners that are looking for one that can offer complete, convenient, safe and efficient uterine control at a reasonable price.