The One Good Enough Reason to Have an Endodontist

Endodontist checking the teeth result

Almost no one wants to have their teeth worked on, with some even postponing the necessary regular visits to their dentist. However, once extreme, even debilitating pain in the tooth or the gums starts, you should no longer delay seeking treatment.

Not only will do this put a stop to the highly unpleasant sensations you experience; it can also potentially save your permanent teeth.

When you should already visit an endodontist

If you have an extremely painful toothache; accidentally injured your tooth; feel heightened tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, sour, or sweet foods and beverages; or have noticeable gum or facial swelling, you should already contact a London endodontist such as those in London Holborn Dental Practice.

Just how crucial endodontics is to your life

Endodontists are experts when it comes to saving teeth. These oral health professionals carry out specialised procedures that they have gained licensee for after undergoing specialised education after dental school.

Not only do they diagnose the source of tooth pain; they also perform extensive procedures that have something to do with a tooth’s innermost parts. Through the knowledge, expertise, and dedication of an endodontist, you can keep your natural teeth and healthy smile for your entire lifetime.

With the kind of advanced training endodontists obtained and their mastery of specialised dental procedures, you can rest assured of receiving only the best quality care and results.

Endodontist vs. a general dentist

Root canal treatments are just a small area that endodontists specialise in. They also have what it takes to perform many other treatments and even surgeries that can save their patients’ natural teeth. They can properly address dental trauma and teeth injuries.

They also have the eligibility to perform dental implant work

It is important you understand the primary differences between an endodontist and a general dentist. While your primary dentist plays a major role in helping you maintain optimal oral health, he or she does not have the qualifications to carry out the more extensive and complicated procedures.