The Secret to Dental Implants in Melbourne

a female patient having a dental implant procedure

Ever thought about getting dental implants in Melbourne and wondered if they are really as good as everyone makes them out to be? Are they really so effective at chewing and biting and do they really stay still and not slide around? What’s the secret?

In Melbourne, dental implants have become increasingly popular over the last decade or 2. Now it seems like most people want dental implants if they need to get one, some or even all of their teeth replaced. There’s one secret to the success of dental implants, which are available from various dental clinics, including High Dental Implants.

The root cause of successful tooth replacement

The secret to the success of dental implants in Melbourne is that they are the only method of tooth replacement that replaces the entire tooth. Dentures and bridges only replace the chewing part, called the crown. Dental implants replace the root as well and this is what gives them their famous reliable stability.

Teeth need to be firmly embedded into the jawbone if they are to deliver the forces needed for biting into food and chewing it into a paste. Relying on suction to the gums, as dentures do, only delivers about a quarter of the required power. Bridges offer more, but at the price of sacrificing neighbouring healthy teeth to secure the bridge to.

Modern implant techniques

As excitement about dental implants has grown, so have the ways in which they can be used. They are now much more convenient than a few years ago, and patients can get what is known as ‘same day teeth’ or ‘All-on-4’ implants. Both give patients an entire arch of teeth on just 4-6 implants, 6 on the upper arch to counteract gravity. The patient leaves with a temporary set of crowns, so they are never without teeth. They can’t go hell for leather with the chewing until the implants have integrated with the bone, which takes several weeks, but they can once their permanent, handmade crowns have been fitted. Then no food is off the menu and people get their full functionality back, maybe for the first time in years.