What is Included in Your NHS Band Treatment Package?

Dentist smiling and ready to work

The National Health Service (NHS) has different band treatments for dental care and whilst it has different prices for its services, getting some of them does not require you to spend a large amount.

But the cost of your NHS England band treatment will likely vary depending on your place of residence. For instance, the price for porcelain veneers in Liverpool may be different from what dentists charge in London. Still, you should check if your package covers a particular treatment, so you will not be paying more than necessary.

Band Types

The NHS dental packages comprise three types of band treatment. The first one requires a £20.60 contribution towards the cost of your dental care. It includes dental check-ups, diagnosis that includes X-rays, and professional advice about preventative maintenance, among others.

The Band 2 course of treatment covers everything on the Band 1 treatment, plus dental fillings, root canal treatment or teeth extraction. Patients will need to pay a £56.30 contribution for this type of package.

Those with a Band 3 course of treatment can get all the services under the first and second treatment courses for a contribution worth £244.30, plus crowns, dentures, bridges and other complex procedures.

Payment Processes

The NHS exempts some patients from paying particular costs for dental care if they meet the criteria. In case, you do, you need to present a proof of your entitlement, such as a Prescription Pre-Payment Certificate, benefit award notice or an exemption certificate.

Be warned though, that the NHS will impose a penalty fee of up to £100 if you mistakenly claim to be exempt from these charges.

Whilst there are different prices for NHS dental treatments, you have to be aware that you do not have to pay for each procedure under a certain course of treatment in some cases. Ask your dentist if you are eligible for this arrangement.