When a Doctor-Mom Wishes to Go Locum Tenens

Doctor-moms have two equally important roles: saving lives as a physician and nurturing children as their mother. Both can be fulfilling, but also taxing and difficult to balance.

Being a mom and a doctor at the same time is a challenge; there’s not a time when you don’t worry about the kids or your patients. Juggling family, social life, and hobbies on top of your practice requires extra skill and dedication, but not everyone can do it full-time.

Fortunately, locum tenens work (part-time physician work) is an option for doctor-moms. This career modification makes it practicable to balance the kids with your patients.

Before you dive into this new opportunity, however, the blog Locum Tenens Daily recommends initially working with physician recruiters for an easier transition.

Goodbye, Web of Confusion

Today, job seekers depend on the Internet for new careers. Due to the overwhelming amount of accessible information, it’s a lot for the doctor-mom to take in. Also, the numerous times you apply for a position means giving out personal information and email addresses often. As a result, you end up with a lot of spam and junk mail.

Physician recruiters will eliminate the research and other legwork. Also, they limit your online exposure, which means goodbye spam and other annoying emails. All you’ll get is one call from the recruiter and a long list of opportunities fitted for your job description.

Maximum Exposure Minus the Risk

With placement firms, you need not worry about unwanted exposure. Recruiters also know what hospitals want. Notice how some hospitals rarely place job openings on websites or newspapers; they partner with recruitment firms to find the right candidates.

With their large network of partner facilities, they can easily market anyone — even doctor-moms such as yourself.

They also provide contract privacy with the client. They can’t share your CV unless the potential employer has a direct impact on your career.

Good recruiters are helpful for doctor-moms interested in the locum tenens field. Their knowledge will save you time from the research and stress of job hunting, giving you more time for the kids.

Fulfill your dream and still be a supermom with the help of a physician recruiter.