Divorce Without Kids: How Long Does it Take?

Conflict between man and woman sitting on either side of a wall

If you and your spouse are divorcing with no children involved, you may be wondering how long the settlement will take. Even without kids, you cannot always expect the process to be over quickly. In many cases, the divorce can take several months, which is especially true if you and your spouse decide to take the matters to a court.

Choosing to resolve divorce issues the traditional way usually takes longer. This is because courthouses and judges are overcrowded and have strict schedules. There are also times when you have to deal with the delaying tactics of the other party. Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne and other divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs, CO note that it takes months to prepare for trial since it involves formal discovery, analyzing evidence, and writing motions.

Settling Other Divorce Issues

The complexity of your case can also influence how long it will take for the process to be completed. Even if there are no children involved, you and your spouse need to settle issues like property and debt division. If you choose to let a judge resolve all other issues at hand, the case may take 10 months or more to finish. It can be a quick procedure if you and your spouse can agree to most terms.

Why Others Choose Mediation

Another sad part about divorce trials is that can be both stressful and expensive. This is why it is also common for couples to consider other alternatives like mediation. This allows you and your spouse to sit with a neutral party (called a mediator) who will facilitate communication and assist both of you in resolving divorce issues.

How Long Divorce Mediation Takes

As mediation aims to help parties work out an agreement, court appearances are not required. This is also less expensive than traditional methods. Every divorce case is different, but divorce mediation may take about a month or two to complete. This is done through a few hours of mediation meetings and sessions. For complicated cases, the process may take about four to six months.

While your case does not involve kids, you should never try to speed up the process by making rash decisions. You shouldn’t also try to navigate the process all by yourself as well. Divorce will affect your life in the future, so it is important to think about your decisions carefully. Getting the right legal representation is beneficial.